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That's one bite we can guarantee!

Påarps Gård and Fishing Centre is part of the "Natural Fishing" concept. The area boasts several excellent fishing waters with around 20 different lakes within a 10-minute drive and around 90 within a 30-minute drive.

Fegen, Kalvsjön and Spaden are three renowned perch and pikeperch waters in our vicinity and there are also pike, roach, bream, tench, white bream, eel and burbot waters in the surrounding areas. The catch reports bear witness to a good deal of pikeperch, splendid perch and substantial numbers of whopper pikes. There is also a game fish lake with rainbow trout and other fish.

Need help finding the right place? Use our fishing guides who all have the knack and experience of finding the right places. We have several boats for hire, simple or fully rigged with marine motor, echo-sounder or trolling equipment. We ensure that your boat arrives in the lake of your choice.

You can fish all-year-round. Pike fishing is best during spring and autumn, but you can also catch one in winter by ice fishing or tip-up fishing. Perch and pikeperch bite best in the summer, but you may also get a bite when pimple fishing in the winter. Rainbow trout is good all-year-round and we keep the lake filled.
























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