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Pull out all the stops in this idyllic environment!

Here at Påarps Gård you'll find plenty of things to do with your friends or work colleagues.

Pentathlon: We or you choose suitable events to take place on a forest trail around the farm. We will serve refreshments and snacks along the trail if you wish

Football golf: Our 9-hole football golf course is both fun and thrilling. What's your handicap?

Canoe safari: Take a quiet and tranquil canoe trip from Tostholmen to Fegen. Pleasant picnicking spots line the route. If you'd rather come to a ready laid tablActivitiese then we'll arrange that.

Bathing: Feel free to take a dip or enjoy the sun for a while. The farm has its very own bathing spot with a sandy beach and piers.

Fishing contest: We arrange fishing contests both summer and winter using your own or our tackle.

Calm activities: If you're not that wild and adventurous you can always take a dip, a row on the lake or a quiet walk in our tranquil surroundings.














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